An update

It has been a while since I have written anything on here.  I keep thinking of great posts... but I get side tracked by the kids or house.

Since Cammy has been born, I have started making all our own cleaning products.  I have to say that I feel great about it.  Because of the way we are raised, the chemical smell of cleaning products smells "clean" to us.  It has been an adjustment to walk out of a bath room after cleaning it and not smelling Comet (I will admit that I love Comet).  However, despite the lack of smell, it feels better.  I know if Owen decides to lick the toilet (please God, no!) after I clean it. he wont have any crazy chemicals floating around to make him sick.  I like being able to touch my and not worry about the bleach or chemicals on my hands.  It is nice to know everything is clean.  Another perk is that I can add any essential oil so my products smell how ever I wish them to.

As I have said before, a glorious friend of mine gave us some awesome cloth diapers for Cammy.  I wanted to use cloth for Owen... but I didn't know where to start.  All the different kinds and information can be overwhelming.  I just took the advice of a smart woman and have not looked back.  We have not had one blow out or one diaper rash!  If you have kids, you know blow outs are a part of life with disposables.  Owen was the king.  The cloth diapers are (in my opinion) more convenient.  The Dollar Tree carried diaper trash bags so really changing and taking them with you is not a problem in public.  I don't have a separate diaper bag for them.  I just roll them up, tie the plastic baggy and am good to go.  Granted, I do a load of laundry for diapers every day, but we make our own laundry detergent for dirt cheap (that works amazing and our clothes smell great!).

After making what seems to be big changes- but were actually very easy- we are looking forward to some new changes in this new year.  I asked Lucky what he thought about switching to "family cloth".

"I have wiped with silk boxers before and it was amazing.  Why not?"

I still have more research to do about it, but I like the idea.  The diapers come out stain free and clean so why wouldn't wipes?  Plus we wouldn't have to worry about the kids using too much ad the toilet getting clogged.  And it will save money.

Another thing we plan on doing is making our own soaps.  I like the idea of knowing what is in our soaps.  Lucky likes the chemistry aspect of it all.  The idea of making pretty and natural soaps is awesome.  Plus, since moving to Nevada and my last pregnancy, my skin has been a mess.   Time to fix this.

We also are looking forward to making our own herb garden for medicinal and cleaning uses.  I have almost finished my aromatherapy course and will be starting my herbalist course soon.  I think "Celtic Pride Apothecary" sounds nice.

Any who (lol) I need to get back to cleaning.  This was a weak post, but I wanted to get something in here.  If you guys have any questions or suggestions- just comment or email me :)