In the Airport

My flight has been delayed, yet again.  I guess if anyone was going to be in this spot, it should be me.  I know how to roll with the punches.  As long as I get Owen tonight, I am happy.

Being me, I have smiled as much as I can and handed out compliments to everyone I can.  Honey is sweeter than vinegar.  So far it has gotten me a hotel room, free books, food and drink.  People need to remember a kind word and unassuming manor can get you far in life.

I hope Owen learns that from me.  He seems like he has so far.

I hate leaving him, but I can not tell you how much I cherish my flying time with him.  He is my little gypsy.  He have been through a lot together and he has been a champ through it all.

He will be at the airport at 1130.  from there we will take a shuttle to the hotel, then back to the airport in the morning.  It will be an adventure.  I hope instead of seeing the thongs that did not go as plan he sees it as an adventure.

I hope I am doing it right.

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