I am an avid reader. I love reading. There is so much you can learn from it, for example The Field of Dreams states that heaven is in Iowa. I thought Iowa was just a word they threw in they made a list of the States, I didn’t know it actually existed. I will have to admit, I can’t see how it would be there. Heaven is in Norfolk, at a rundown apartment complex. It only takes up around 800 square feet. The walls and cabinets are all painted a stark white, and the bathroom tile and appliances are still blue from the 60’s. There is only cold water for the washer, and it leaks. And lastly there is a horrible patching job, where a previous resident must have kicked a hole in the wall.

However, whoever steps foot in this heaven doesn’t see those things. They see a bright kitchen, with red knobs on white cabinets. They can smell the lavender soap coming from the never ending laundry, and the happy pictures of family and friends in the hall. No one ever sees the patch work.

When you step into heaven, you see a modest home. Home is the key word. It is warm, and colorful inside heaven. It clean, but not perfect. It is welcoming. There is always a toy scattered somewhere on the floor, and maybe a hidden puddle of drool, and a kiss from a loving dog. If you curl on the love seat, she is more than happy to keep your feet warm.

There is no cable or internet in heaven, and somehow while you are there, you forget those are “necessities” for human life. Instead there are cards, books, board games, and many wonderful conversations. The music in Heaven is the laughter of friends and singing of a nine month old.

For how small heaven might sound, there is actually plenty of room. Mother, child, and furry companion have more than enough room to stretch out, or dance around together.

In the mornings Roxy and I sneak out while Owen sleeps. I lock the door, Roxy relieves herself, and I smoke a morning cigarette. As soon as Roxy and I are done, we race up the stairs, unlock the door, and begin our day. As Roxy eats breakfast while I shower and get ready for work. As soon as I am done with my hair, Owen starts his morning song.

I get Owen ready, and watch him play with Roxy as I pack my lunch. After we put Roxy away we make the small journey to Nysha’s. I kiss him, say good bye, and am off to work for the day. 1600 rolls around and I am on my way home. 

When I walk in the door, Owen rushes over. I love that. I scoop him up, and after a few minutes of chatting, and we are on our way home. After we let Roxy out, I put on some music with a beat, and as I feed Owen we dance together. At six Owen is ready for bed. Roxy lies next to his crib as I sing him a lullaby and say his bed time prayers.

After Owen is asleep I clean up what little mess there is and relax with Roxy. By eight thirty I am brushing my teeth, washing my face, and finishing my routine. Nine o’clock Roxy and I are crawling in bed. She lets me lay down first and curls up against me on my right side. 

I realized while writing this how heaven is where I choose it to be. Honestly, I don’t want to be in Norfolk. I like my job and love my friends, but I miss my family. HOWEVER- I am in heaven here. My best friend lives across from me, and my few other good friends aren’t far. As far as the few things that might be wrong with my apartment, there are so many more amazing things. I am so happy.

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