Hello, Babies. Welcome to Earth.

Yesterday was a busy one.  After the kids had breakfast and a bath we walked to medical then Lucky ended up taking me to the Hospital.  My sunburn started turning purple.  I have to say it was one of the more painful times.  However, I got a pasty Doc like me, and as soon as she saw it she knew was to do.  This cream is my new favorite thing.

Lucky took the kids to Walmart as I was at the Doctor but we had to go back again when I was out.  The kids were great.  Owen and I had a blast making Cammy laugh.  Everything was beautiful.  We finally got home and had dinner then put the kids to bed- AFTER Owen and Lucky played with a new race car track that Lucky bought them.

Lucky and I laid in bed having our usual "slumber party" as Lucky has called it.  We joked and talked about whatever came to mind.
"I think it is sweet how when I got Owen up he wanted to snuggle you." I said.  Owen isn't usually calm enough to cuddle.
"Yeah, I loved it.  He is getting so big though we wont be able to pick him up soon."
"Who are you tellin'!?!"

He is though.  He has gotten taller than my hip.  The baby that I have fought so fiercely for... is no longer a baby.  He is growing into an amazing boy.  He wont want my snuggles for much longer.  Cammy is already fighting to be in the big girl stage.  How dare anything try and hold her back from keeping up with her big brother!  Where does the time go?

When I was sitting in the E.R. yesterday, there was an elderly woman.  Her skin was paper thin.  She looked tired but still competent.  She still had a light in her eyes.  I was marveling that once upon a time she was a chubby soft baby, fresh and squalling in a mothers arms.  She was a young, vibrant woman like I am.  And now she was old.  Life is amazing.  The journey is so quick.  Youth and (physical) beauty is so fleeting.

She also looked in pain.  The whole right side of her face and right shoulder were black from bruising.  It looked excruciating and I was ashamed for being there for a burn (albeit a bad burn).  She is laboring with her breath as she whispered to (I assume) her son.  She said that they should go.  Instead of concern, he briskly turned to tell her if he had to take off work to bring her in she needs to sit and wait.  I wanted to smack him.  That is your mother!  She grew you inside of her!  She gave her youth and beauty to you and you dare chastise her for trying to give you your time back.

She had fallen.  I was heart broken at the lack of concern.  When my parents move to Nevada, when they are old and grey and if God Forbid they fall, I will be raising hell to get them treatment.  Why?  Because they held me, even when I was too big (size wise) like Owen.  They have loved and cherished me.  They gave their youth, beauty and time to me.  They have never backed down and have always supported me.

I want to do that for my children.  I want them to know my arms are always open.  I will always fight for them.  My youth is the perfect time to be chasing them.  My beauty is better spent on them anyways.  I want them to remember me as a strong and loving woman.  I never want them to have to sit in the ER with me after I have fallen.  I want to always be their rock.  I want them to know that I will always love them with every fiber that I am.

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