Like a Ghost. Instead of spirits without bodies, we are bodies without spirits.

In our society it is popular to condemn God.  Let me rephrase that.  It is popular to condemn the Christian God.  If you are Buddhist you are peaceful and insightful.  If you are Wiccan you are one with the earth.  If you follow new age beliefs you are one with everything and everyone.  If you are a Christian you are a moron and a jerk.  I don't know what is worse... being praised for praying to a rock, being a terrorist for being Muslim, for being considered a drugged out freak for being New Age, or to be completely disregarded and mocked for being a Christian.

I have said before, hate is a disease.  It is more powerful than cancer, nukes and sugar combined.  I am ashamed.  I am ashamed that such a free thinking country is so full of hate.  We praise little drugged out girls but someone who tries to find faith and morals is appalling.  What have we done?  We take celebrities words as gold and trash a humble man that lived thousands of years ago, who even if he was not God, taught love and hope.  

I believe in God.  When I say I believe in God, I mean I attempt to be a Christian (Christian means Christ like).  I believe God gave us free will and wants us to love one another.  That means if someone is gay or of another religion- LOVE them.  He doesn't tell us to punish sin but to offer good news.  How much good news do people get theses days?

There was a woman I flew with when I brought Owen home.  She was Hindu.  She was one of the most BEAUTIFUL people I have ever met.  She praised me for raising such a good boy and told me that my God would be proud.  God loves her.  She might not follow him but oh, how he loves her.  He doesn't hate her for following the faith she was raised in.  He yearns for her.  Why would I condemn her for following a faith that made her a better person?  I pray for her daily.  She was so beautiful.  

I am ashamed that some churches have done things that have blurred what Christianity really is.  I am ashamed that when I say something about being a Christian or church that people have a bad taste in their mouth.  I am not ashamed of my God.  I have looked and studied other religions.  I choose this.  I am not ashamed.  I am ashamed of people.

I am saddened that some crazed Islamic people have destroyed the integrity of other people who follow Islam.  I will not get into a religious debate but I will say that there are good and wonderful people of every religion.  The vile acts of people claiming a faith should not determine the integrity of any individual.  The vile acts that have been done in the name of a religion should not define the religion.  

I had a pastor in Virginia, who took a month per religion and taught us it.  He went to a Buddhist temple and asked a Monk to explain what he believed.  He said he was trying to clarify what media has changed.  He wanted peace and understanding.  After we watched the video he told us all the wonderful things we could learn from them and what they can learn from us.  A month per religion.  A month of clarity.  Respect and understanding.  

Those of us who try to be Christians need to take a step back.  We need to understand.  We need to respect others and that God gave them free will and despite anyone mistakes or faith, he loves them.  Who are we to do otherwise?  Those of you who deplore religion need to take a step back.  The individuals who have misrepresented a religion should not define it.  Look at what the people believe.  Is it really so bad that people want hope and guidance?  This is such a disgusting world we live in.  What is wrong with wanting something better.?

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